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Support Items are useable items that whose effects vary depending on the weapon; some are offensive, some defensive.

Pipe Bomb: A powerful explosive device on a short fuse. You can hold it to shorten the fuse for timed throws.

Impact Grenade: Explosive device that detonates on impact, causing splash damage.

Boomerang: Throwable and can lock-on to 3 targets with one boomerang; causes disorientation and significantly reduces turn speed for a short duration.

Hatchet: Throwable and re-collectable, causes instant kill on contact.

Shuriken: Throwable, up to 3. Causes 50 damage.

Bear Trap: Placed trap. When walked over, impairs enemy's speed and movement and greatly reduce turning speed. It is also retrievable and can be shot by enemies.

Trap-in-the-Box: Explosive proximity-activated mine. Retrievable and can be shot by enemies.

Body Armor: Protects the wearer from damage, This however Does not protect you from head shots and support items such as the jack-in-the-box, boomerangs and bear traps.

Energy Drink: Restores a set amount of health over time.

Care Package: Places down a health/ammunition station for friendlies and enemies to use.

Motion Sensor: Marks the positions of enemies in range of the device on the radar map for your team but it only lasts a certain amount of time and opponents can destroy it by shooting it.

Airspace Denier: A One-use trap that disables airborne opponents using the glider rig, it can be destroyed by shooting it.

Conch Shell: Creates a powerful blast of sound that knocks nearby enemies back and temporarily stuns them. Ideal for repulsing back enemies before they can knife you.

Toxic Gas: Leaves a cloud of nigh-invisible, noxious vapors in your wake. Enemies who pass through the cloud will be damaged and impaired.

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