Running late is a gotham city imposters animated short film made by monolith productions. The video focuses on the transformation from citizen to imposter, and the trickery and strategys employed by both sides. thumb|right|286px|Running LateIt is one of the three animated shorts made by monolith to increase intrest in the game and exite the gaming population in general

Video DescriptionEdit

A colledge aged guy strolls across the sidewalk, looking like any other Citizen. suddenly, his phone alerts him to a text message telling all Jokerz to meet up at 7pm sharp. he checks his phone, and realizes its 6:55. He hai
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16th & Kane, and step on it.

ls a taxi and tells the driver to go to 16th and Kane fast. the cabby guns it, while the man dresses in the back. after hitting the sides of the car a few times, he shouts a the driver for being an idiot, and tells him to hurry up. after exiting the cab, he chucks some quarters a the man, calling him a bum and telling him to keep the change. after approaching his fellow gang members, he blames the cabby for being late. Meanwhile, the driver is talking into a radio, confirming his location. unaware of this, the man continues complaining until the taxi driver revs his motor. Suddenly, a group of heavily armed bats jump out of the shadows. After pulling on a bat-m

OW! Anyone got some tylenol?

ask and slapping a batsymbol onto his driver side door, he screams in a manicac way and guns the engine. the last few seconds show the man yelling and cowering in fear.