Rate of Fire 4
Damage 8
Accuracy 6
Range 6
Reload Speed 6
Magazine Size 1


Lobs projectiles in an arc with decent range. Can be configured with different ammo types.

Feats of ProwessEdit

  • Bombardier Pro
  • Bombardier Multi Pro
  • Bombardier Mortar Pro
  • Bombardier Master


  • Bouncy Grenades
  • Mortar Rounds


This slingshot-based weapon does high burst damage for those who can aim correctly. The damage-per shot of this weapon is noticeably high, and when pulled back completely. targeting is also easier. This weapon is also perfect for contributing to firefight from far away, as you can damage nearly all enemy players in its vincity without risking getting hurt yourself. The Bombardier has 2 types of ammo, Bouncy Rounds or Mortar Rounds. The Bouncy Rounds are self-explanatory. They are bounce around a bit after being launched and do not detonate on impact with anything, but will explode on touch with an enemy. Bouncy Rounds are great for bank-shots or enemies attempting to run away from a fire-fight. Mortar Rounds do more damage and explode on impact with anything, dealing a large amount of splash damage. The more you hold back the slingshot-like creation of death, the more damage it will do. Have fun, Impostors!